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Check the unsubscribe before clicking

The latest in spammy and malicious emails we're seeing come in the form of emails that look like they come from a legitimate email newsletter provider like Mailchimp. The 'unsubscribe' links are actually hiding malicious links. So hover over the link and check if it's a legitimate link before you click it.

Change to email settings for Adobe Business Catalyst clients

Many of you are still using the old, insecure email server settings with your email software (eg Outlook, Apple mail, iPhone mail etc). 

This system is being deprecated as of 31 March (this Thursday) and you’ll need to update your settings with the secure ones before then to stop possible interruptions to your email service. 

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Back up your website

If something goes wrong with your website what will you do? Do you have a backup that can be restored to get your site back online quickly?

Remember it's good practice to log in to your website and run the backup. This is especially important if you're updating your website regularly.

Make sure you download it and save it somewhere safe. For instructions on how to back up your site, refer to your help file.

Email scams

We've seen a lot of new email scams lately. We know of people that have lost the entire contents of their hard drives because they've clicked a link in a dodgy email. They've lost their business information and personal photos. Important stuff.

The worst part is that they look like legitimate emails. We've seen some that look like they're from the ATO, the Australian Federal Police and Australia Post. 

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