5 simple things to review on your website

 Hola! Happy Friday, you made it through another work week. So now you can take 5 over the weekend and check these things on your website.

  1. Contact page - check the deets are correct, and also check your form is coming through to your email address.
  2. Your copyright - it’s usually in the footer with a year, make sure the year is right.
  3. About page - make sure this is still relevant to your business and up to date.
  4. Products or services - have a quick squizz and make sure they’re still current. You could be losing business just because clients don’t know your new services.
  5. Blog - check the date on your last entry. If it was a while ago, spend a few minutes thinking about some entries you could be writing and adding over the next couple of weeks. And remember they don’t have to be long - just relevant.

Make sure your website is doing it’s best to help your business!

PS if you’re too busy, we’re always happy to help, phone 03 5439 5801.