Website: Just the First Step - A Primer to Marketing for Small Businesses

We're thrilled about the prospect of partnering with you to enhance your online presence and contribute to the success of your business. It's crucial to understand that having a website alone doesn't guarantee customers. 

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Before you edit your website

We've prepared some tips to help you streamline the process for editing your website.

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I've got a website, now I'll be flooded with customers, right?

The old idea of 'build it, and they will come'. Unfortunately it doesn't work with websites.

How about we start with what marketing is.

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What’s a Google Business Listing and Why Do I Need One?

Are you using your Google Business Listing to its full potential?

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Are your website visitors skimmers or readers?

I’ve been working with a client on her new site recently, and she asked me to remove one of the frequently asked questions because the answer was the same as another question.

On face value, you’d say ok, sure.

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It’s all about you. What you need in a successful about page.

Your about page talks about you, but did you know it’s also a great place to talk about how you solve a problem for your readers?

Here’s what you need on a well written about page.

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Are your online reviews making your business look bad?

  • If you have no idea what your business reviews look like, then the likely answer is yes.
  • If you don’t have any, then the likely answer is yes.

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Why Prospects Ignore Your Website

In our business, we often get the same objections we need to address with customers before they’re willing to go with us. I’m sure you do too.

Have you considered creating content for your website that new clients can read or watch before they buy from you?

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Is Yellow Pages Advertising Still Working For You?

I've been chatting with a client today, that up until now, uses Yellow Pages for advertising. If you’re currently using Yellow Pages for advertising, I want to ask you a few questions … 

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5 mistakes you're making on your website

There are so many things to know when you’re building a website, with our years of experience, we’ve listed out 5 things to help you fine tune your site for better performance.

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