Email scams

We've seen a lot of new email scams lately. We know of people that have lost the entire contents of their hard drives because they've clicked a link in a dodgy email. They've lost their business information and personal photos. Important stuff.

The worst part is that they look like legitimate emails. We've seen some that look like they're from the ATO, the Australian Federal Police and Australia Post. 

Before you open  the emails or click any links, ask yourself "am I expecting an email from this organisation?". Most of these organisations won't use email as their primary method for communication, especially for the urgent matters that these scammers profess to be contacting you about. 

If in doubt, don't click the link and contact the organisation directly (not using contact details contained in the email) and confirm what it might be about. 

It's not worth the heartache and stress of losing your important files.