How to write conversational copy for your website

How to write conversational copy for your website

When I'm not creating content myself, one of the favourite parts of my job is helping clients create great content for their websites. Writing is the number one skill needed for creating good content. And for those of you who aren't practiced in it, it's a total brain flip to write conversationally.

Using the active voice to engage your audience is not something many of us are practiced in. Here are some blog posts I've found that help you to write more conversationally.

 This first post is an overview of the tools you use to write conversationally, it's a quick read and covers rules you learned at school that don't apply to web; use I, we, me and us less and use you more; ask questions; and, write to one person instead of many.

This second post covers a few more tools to use in conversational writing. Use contractions; tell a story; write the way you talk; use easy to understand words; and, avoid rambling, stick to one point per post.

This third post has some of the above and a whole lot more.

Hemingwayapp website is a great tool for editing your writing to help reduce and simplify long complex blocks of text, highlights adverbs, passive voice and words with more simple alternatives.

If you're interested in reading more on writing for web, Ann Handley has written a great book called Everybody writes

Two more tips: Number 1 - read the copy out loud. You can pick up inconsistencies in tone throughout the piece and words that you wouldn't normally use when speaking. Number 2 - know your audience and write to just one member of it.

Good luck with your conversational style.