It’s all about you. What you need in a successful about page.

Your about page talks about you, but did you know it’s also a great place to talk about how you solve a problem for your readers?

Here’s what you need on a well written about page.

You need a headline. Make it clear, simple and benefit driven.

What’s the one thing that differentiates you from the crowd? How does that benefit your customers?

A sub headline can further explain your benefit to your customers.

Address the specific challenge that your customers have.

Tell your story and show how you help your customers

  • What’s your backstory that gives your customers a vested interest in your journey?
  • How did you get started?
  • What problems did you face?
  • What was the epiphany you experienced that lead you to where you are now?
  • Can people relate to your story personally?

Eliminate objections.

Some of the objections you can address on your about page include:

  • Is your product right for me?
  • Are you reliable and trustworthy?
  • Maybe another provider would be better for my problem?

Lastly, your call to action. What do you want visitors to do next once they’ve finished reading your about page? Tell your visitors what to do next.

Bonus tip. Using a video on your about page can build trust and eliminate objections in a format favourable to those who don’t like reading.

If you’d like to dive deeper in to the world of about pages, Neil Patel has an exceptionally detailed article about writing an about page that converts well.