Why Prospects Ignore Your Website

In our business, we often get the same objections we need to address with customers before they’re willing to go with us. I’m sure you do too.

Have you considered creating content for your website that new clients can read or watch before they buy from you?

Answering their objections before they even talk to you, can go a long way to helping them decide that you’re the best one for them.

What’s your philosophy with sales and selling? Do you give the customers the info they need to make the decision to enquire on your website or do you believe that they need to call you to get the info?

If you think about it, what do you do when you’re looking at buying? Do you pull out the phone book and pick up the phone to call someone and ask them about a product you’re interested in? Or, more likely, you jump on Google, and start searching for the information to answer your own question.

Are you making it more difficult for customers to shop with you by not answering their questions up front on your website? They might be questions about your products, or services, or business, or values, or how to use your products or services.

Your website is an amazing place to create this content. It’s one single place, where you have total control over the information that’s displayed on it.

Now what do you think would happen if you’re the only one in your industry providing all the information a potential customer needs to make the decision, right there online?

How you can answer customer questions ...

  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website
  • Create blog posts where you answer customers questions
  • Create a resources page that links to articles on your site
  • Create a getting started guide article
  • Incorporate links to articles into your proposal follow up or customer on boarding
  • Create a nicely designed PDF to attach to emails within your new client workflow

But I don’t know what to write about!

I get it, it can be hard to start with. There are so many different places you can collect writing ideas. Here are a few to get your creativity flowing.

  • List out the questions that you get asked regularly by new and existing clients
  • how to use your products/services
  • Compare your product with other similar products
  • Are there customers that aren’t a good fit for you, and another option might suit them better? Talk about that. They self dis-qualify and therefore you don’t
  • need to waste time qualify them
  • What’s the process before buying?
  • What happens after buying?
  • What’s the process for ongoing maintenance? Can they do it themselves.

But I don’t know how to write!

You have a couple of options.

  • Learn how :)
  • Outsource the writing part.

You can’t outsource the idea generation, but there are people out there (like me ;)) that can help pull it out of your brain and then help you get the articles written. It could start with a simple question as the topic, and then a voice recording or bullet points that can be used to create an article detailing your message.

A tip about ideas

Idea collection is an ongoing project. You need a place to collect ideas, and then you need to start looking for ideas each day. It’s a funny thing that they don’t just generate themselves, as much as I’d like it if they did.

Capturing ideas

There are different ways you can capture your ideas. I like trello because you can have a board with different columns for each type of content you might like to gather ideas on.

A physical notepad can work, a note on your phone, a word or google document. It just needs to be something easy to add ideas to.

Different content formats

There are different types of content that can be created. Written articles, videos, infographics, audio recordings or podcasts.

There’s so many great ways to provide value to your customers new and old, hopefully I’ve sparked some idea for content generation in your business.

If you’re interested to find out more, let’s jump on a call together and we’ll work out what’ll work for your business 03 54 39 5801.