Google Advertising

Reach New Customers

Getting your business in front of new customers is one of the big challenges in business. We can get your message in front of your audience using paid advertising on Google Search, Google Dispaly Network and Youtube.

Why Google Advertising?

Get in front of your audience on the world’s largest platform. Most people are using Google in their everyday lives, so Google advertising reaches them where they’re already spending their time online.

There are three areas of Google advertising:

Search Ads

Everyone you know ‘googles’ every day, right? I’m sure you’ve ‘googled’ something today. Search ads gets your business at the top of the search results. You don’t need to wait around for your site to rank at the top of Google using SEO. We get you there straight away with Search Ads. 

With Google search ads we reach people when they’re interested and looking for your service rather than interrupting them while they’re doing something else. 

Display Ads

The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favourite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account or using mobile devices and apps.

They’re the visual ads you see across Google sites and their partner sites, and they’re great for remarketing to people who’ve visited your site previously. 

Additional requirements: Photos, images and other graphics. We can create these for you.

Youtube Ads

Youtube ads are like TV ads, but on the internet. We can take any video ads you have available, and run them before, during and after Videos on youtube.

Additional requirements: At least one video to run as the ad. Depending on complexity, we're able to create simple ones for you.

Your Campaigns

We take care of campaign planning, execution, management, and for all your campaigns. Your current campaigns can be ongoing, or they can run for a limited duration.

The Benefits of Google Advertising

  • Google has a massive reach
  • We target your campaign using interests, geography, and time based targeting
  • Extensive control over the parameters of the campaign and we have the ability to measure and optimise
  • We can tailor the ad spend to your budget
  • We can implement your campaigns very quickly

Be seen

Advertising has changed. Print, TV and radio are no longer the only ways for your business to be seen. Unlike advertising with the traditional media, online advertising allows you to target your ads to your audience. With measurable results, you can continually tailor your advertising to get the results you deserve. 

To get started with online advertising, call now 03 5439 5801 or send email.